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Marc Elrich wins the Democratic nomination. What will he do next?

"Elrich, who clinched the nomination this week by 32 votes, in an interview Friday pledged to redouble efforts waylaid by the pandemic in key areas such as affordable housing, transit and health equity. He blamed the close race with Blair on negative ads and on voters not being fully aware of some of the actions he’s taken over the past four years".

Former Gaithersburg council member Laurie-Anne Sayles, who won the Democratic nomination for one of the county’s three at-large seats, said she held a fundraiser in her home for Elrich four years ago. She was part of his transition team and was hopeful about his liberal agenda, but then, she said, “the pandemic happened.”

Now she is looking forward to working closely with Elrich on tackling affordable housing, improving education and addressing climate change.

If elected in November, Sayles would be part of a historic female majority serving on the council.

“There’s been a lot of planning and a lot of ideas that just need to be brought to light, and I think this is the council that’s going to make that happen,” she said.

Sayles said Elrich appears to be more willing to listen.

“As public servants, you have to listen more than you pontificate on your issues,” she said. “He is open to other perspectives. He’s going to have to be. There will be six new perspectives. None of us are wallflowers. We will be very vocal in advancing our visions, our priorities, and we have to work together to get things done.”

Written by: Ovetta Wiggins, The Washington Post

Karina Elwood contributed to this report.

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