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Gaithersburg unanimously passes Lakeforest master plan

On Monday, the Gaithersburg City Council unanimously passed the city’s master plan for the Lakeforest Mall property, outlining the framework for future redevelopment.

The plan includes a mix of residential and commercial development, along with green space. Any future redevelopment of the site must fit the master plan.

The master plan rezones the 102-acre site from commercial to mixed-use. It calls for 30% to 35% to be used as green space.

Additionally, there is a cap of 1,600 residential units with the following guidelines:

  • Up to 10% of the units could be townhouses

  • At least 25% would need “gap housing” that “bridges the gap” between single-family units and rental-focused multifamily units.

  • Between 40% and 65% would need to be either rental or owned multifamily...

Council Member Laurie-Anne Sayles said she was pleased with the thoroughness of the plan and the city’s outreach to the public...

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