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Councilwoman Sayles receives Leadership Award from National League of Cities (NLC)

Updated: Sep 14, 2021 I DECEMBER 8, 2020 I BY TOLUWA FAMUYIDE The National League of Cities (NLC) announced Laurie-Anne Sayles, a Gaithersburg city council member, as the recipient of its 2020 leadership award. The honor recognizes a local elected leader who has been pivotal in serving as a role model for future female leaders.

One of NLC’s five constituency groups, the Women in Municipal Government, presented the award to Sayles during NLC’s first virtual City Summit in November.

“I‘m humbled to be recognized by my NLC peers and colleagues for this incredible honor,” said Council Member Sayles. “As the 2020 recipient of the WIMG Leadership Award, I’m proud that my contributions are being recognized during this period of transition and recovery. I’m confident that NLC will continue to equip me with the tools necessary to advocate for much-needed resources to safeguard our communities.”

Sayles has been on the Gaithersburg City Council since 2017, serving most recently as Vice President in 2020. She was elected to a two-year term on the NLC Board of Directors in 2019 and will serve as the incoming WIMG Vice President for 2021.

WIMG was established within NLC in 1974, and works to raise awareness about issues of concern to women. The organization also encourages women to seek public office in their communities.

“Women in Municipal Government brings the voice of women to NLC’s policy priorities and this award recognizes the important contributions of Laurie-Anne Sayles as an advocate for local leadership and a role model for other women in government,” said Kathy Maness, NLC president and former chair of WIMG.

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