Policy Platform

S.M.A.R.T. government is my acronym for the policy platform that will revitalize our County to successfully compete in the 21st century!


  • Provides a Strong Commitment to Education from Cradle to Career

  • Ensures More Affordable Living.

  • Builds Access to Opportunity 

  • Focuses on the Recovery from the Pandemic & Revitalization of Our Economy

  • Tackles Climate Change Through through Equitable transportation initiatives

Provides a Strong Commitment to Education from Cradle to Career

As the mother of an MCPS graduate, I am keenly aware of the outstanding education that awaits some of our students in MCPS and beyond. Our schools are the crown jewel of Montgomery county and one of the attractions that led me to choose Montgomery County as the place I now call home. Having served as a board member and liaison respectively, of the MCCPTA and the NAACP Parent Council at Luxmanor Elementary School, Tilden Middle School and Gaithersburg High School, I was on the front lines of some of the most challenging issues designed to reform our education systems so our students could graduate career and/or college ready. Students like my daughter benefited tremendously from programs like the Public Private Partnership between the High School, Neurologist Dr. William Leahy, and Ingleside at King Farm to facilitate the tuition-free Summer Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Program at Ingleside at King Farm that she completed in her Senior year of high school. 


While our schools are strong because of our educators, paraeducators, social workers, parents, and sustainable school funding, the pandemic has magnified the widening opportunity gap that disproportionately impacts low-income students and students of color. As our students come back to school, there are key issues our elected leaders will have to champion so our educators and students can focus on social-emotional learning to ensure that everyone who interacts with our school system is destined for success.

In order to safely reengage more students back into the classroom so they can have a holistic and enjoyable educational experience, the following priorities are just what we need to build a stronger commitment to education from cradle to career:

  • Ensure broadband connectivity gaps are addressed so our students are safely reconnected to learning in and outside of their schools and can take advantage of learning opportunities regardless of their geography and/or school boundaries.

  • Prioritizing PPP to ensure our educational institutions are strongly connected to our businesses to strengthen the pipeline of career readiness opportunities that will prepare our students now for the in demand jobs of the future

  • Saving the best for last but certainly not least, we need to ensure that our educators receive the salary and COLA they deserve.

  • Reallocate funding to ensure adequate mental health services are available to students at all grade levels

  • Expand funding and access to career and technical education to prepare our students for college and/or careers that will pay them a living wage.

  • Mandate more community schools that focus on the holistic well-being of the child so they are prepared for K-12 and beyond.

  • Leverage technology to strengthen the MCCPTA and its role in inclusive engagement between parents, students and educators.

  • Identifying innovative ways to evaluate students progress more holistically.

  • Position students to participate in the 2 + 2 program to receive their degrees from MC and a state 4-year University.

Ensures More Affordable Living.

When my daughter started attending Luxmanor Elementary School, I was accepted into the University of Maryland, College Park with only two years remaining to complete my degree. At the time, I was working as a Certified Pharmacy Technician making just above minimum wage, but certainly not enough to afford market rate housing when I decided to move out of my parents home. Luckily, Montgomery County’s Moderately Priced Housing Law, which was enacted in 1974, and required all new developments in the County with 20 or more units to include a certain percentage of affordable units, provided me with a safe, and affordable starter home for my daughter and me to realize our greatest potential. We must commit to making Montgomery County an attractive and affordable place to call home for more of our residents and working families so that folks are not struggling to pay their rent or mortgage.

  • Promote housing that centers upward mobility by incentivizing MoCo frontline workers, students, and business owners, to return to the County and devise ways for renters to become homeowners

  • Diversifying the housing type and geographic locations for affordable housing projects by investing in quality/mixed income housing that accommodates a diversity of housing types and incomes, will bring us closer to meeting our regional housing supply goals to increase housing for all incomes. 

  • Our public servants and frontline workers were on the front lines of the world's worst pandemic in our lifetime. They should be able to   live closer to their place of employment.

Builds Access to Opportunity

You may not be able to choose where you were born, and I’m glad I chose Montgomery County to raise my family. While my story is not unique, Montgomery County can be the bridge to a fulfilling life if residents are able to access the multitude of opportunities afforded to anyone who desires to make this richly diverse County home. If you’re willing to work hard, you should have a real opportunity to access resources to create a better life for yourself and your family. Our County has a variety of meaningful career opportunities that will pay a living wage and our residents and those that choose to live here should be able to access the opportunities that will prepare them for a career where they live.

Our county should be the place where homeownership is a real possibility for those that want to live where they work. Our residents should have equitable access to quality, affordable educational opportunities from childcare to career.  A safe community that provides access to healthy food options, and access to safe, clean drinking water, and also offers a clean environment that supports investments in infrastructure to green provide multi-modal transportation options.

Focuses on the Recovery from the
Pandemic & Revitalization of Our Economy

  • Recover our standing as the leading county in the region

  • Equitable distribution of vaccinations

Tackles Climate Change Through through Equitable transportation initiatives

  • Equitable multi-modal transportation solutions

  • Providing a local conduit to produce food locally and supply it to our community in a more organized manner that increases the support for Farmers Markets will go a long way to meeting our CLIMATE CHANGE GOALS by 2035.

  • The Restaurant and hospitality industry took a hit during the pandemic. The Ag Reserve can and should be our partners in reimagining local food production to decrease our reliance on importing and exporting goods.

  • T-cut away to transit station with solar panels-Flash BRT stations-purple line bridge over Connecticut; Lockwood BRT; East County TOD

  • Finally, as we look towards the future and envision what our County can and should be, tackling Climate Change through transit equity is one way we can guarantee a cleaner and safer environment while ensuring mobility for everyone.

  • If the pandemic taught us anything, the Ag Reserve is an untapped resource that needs our attention now!

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